Blogs I like: Sweet Dreams May Come

Ah, the end of another long week! More baking planned for the weekend – I’m thinking something lemony!

So yet again, as an interim post I thought I’d send you over to another blog that I love to read, Sweet Dreams May Come…

Sweet Dreams May Come is written by my good friend Anna, who lives in Budapest, Hungary. Her blog is a great look into her life living in a city that I can’t wait to visit! Anna’s posts show such enthusiasm for her baking that you can’t help but be inspired and need to go off and get some baking done yourself.

Anna has just been doing her pastry chef exams and its been really interesting to see her progress.  If you get on there now take a look at her cake  that she’s done for her final exam – its brilliant and just makes me want to visit Budapest even more! Also, I think I need to take some styling tips from her; using a map of the city to put a city themed cake on? Genius!

Go and enjoy a bit of hungarian baking from a lovely lady  and I’ll see you back here for some lemony goodness later in weekend!


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