Blogs I like: Annie’s Eats

Evening all! Got some baking planned for the weekend so expect another foodie post from me at some point! In the mean time, check out one of my favourite blogs: Annie’s Eats.

I recently started thinking about where I got the baking buzz from and I realised that after a browse around StumbleUpon many years ago, I had come across Annie and her lovely looking food. Cue lots of testing of her posted recipes!

As well as some great cupcake recipes, there are plenty of other recipes that are worth testing. Thanks to Annie, I no longer buy tortilla wraps, burger buns, frozen pizzas etc. Homemade bread is always a win.

Now be aware, Annie is American and therefore goes down the standard route of measuring things out in cups. You can pick up a set for relatively cheap, or you can manually convert stuff using websites such as

Right, I’m off to pore over some recipe books (deciding what to bake is obviously much more challenging that the baking itself…), enjoy Annie’s blog and I’ll see you in a few days 🙂


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