6 Weeks Later – A Story About a Girl and Her KitchenAid…

Well, we all knew this was going to happen. After my slightly OCD stand mixer comparison post, there was always going to be a post to review whatever I ended up choosing!

After writing the comparison post it seemed I had talked myself into going with a Kenwood Chef, but deep down I don’t think I’d quite let go of the KitchenAid dream. Well no, I definitely hadn’t (as the weekly visits to the fancy kitchen shop to moon over the KitchenAids would attest) and so all I had to do was wait until I could afford one – cue lots of financial upheaval, unemployment and general poorness. The KitchenAid was a long way off! In December I budgeted that by February I would be able to afford one.

Then of course, Christmas came. I spent pretty much the entire lead up convincing myself that David was going to buy me one, while at the same time talking myself out of it because I was going to be pretty disappointed come Christmas morning if he hadn’t. I was so nervous on Christmas morning and watched two sets of families open all of their presents before a rather large box was dragged out from the depths of the Christmas Tree. And there it was! Apparently it was similar to watching a 5 year old open their presents. And do you know what? I didn’t mind – because I had a KitchenAid!

So, to the performance! How is it, I hear you ask? Flipping wonderful. The few days before Christmas were filled with a huge amount of baking and stress  – I can only imagine how smooth it would all be with a mixer! I’ve made countless things with it so far and its been a help with all of it. I actually just made one recipe using the mixer that I made before Christmas which involved much whipping of eggs and as you can imagine, the difference between the two experiences was insane, in both time and quality! David would argue that its too bloody loud and he can’t hear the tv (we have an all in one, kitchen, dining room, living room) but the sound doesn’t really bother me at all!

Thats not to say that its all been smooth running since owning the KitchenAid. 3 weeks into use and it broke. The locking mechanism  refused to hold machine head in place, meaning lots of bouncing around and unsteady mixing. Something was obviously wrong. It took me a few days to reach KitchenAid’s helpline due to their poorly advertised helpline opening times (couldn’t get through twice as they’d gone home for the day when the website said they were open) and their complete shut down at the weekend. Finally I managed to arrange a pick up (no offer of a replacement even though it was a grand total of 4 weeks old by this point…) and I had to wait to find a clear day in my diary so they could pick it up from my office. I called them to see how long it would take to be fixed and they said it would be up to 12-14 working days (?!), meaning it would be away for repairs for longer than I’d actually owned it!

Luckily, they’d quoted me a worst case scenario, and on Monday, after a grand total of 1 week, it returned as good as new. As an added bonus, my glass mixer bowl that I claimed for as part of an offer, turned up on the same day! Phew!

Now this post is not to snub other mixers, I’ve used a Kenwood Chef or two on other occasions and they’ve worked brilliantly. I think its quite obvious though, that the KitchenAid was for me and, barring any more breakdowns, we’re going to make a very happy couple.


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