Mini Cinnamon Whirls

I’ve been waiting ages to put together a food blog (read: baking blog) because of one particular reason. This reason is that my food photography skills are shocking. This reason is down to a few other reasons, like only ever taking photos with my iPhone camera (Baaaaad), nighttime baking with very poor light (Also baaaad) and eating baking results before they made it onto any camera (Yummmm). I’ve been waiting for my pictures to improve before starting to blog but I’m afraid that I’m bored of waiting now. The good news is that I got bought a lovely new camera for Christmas. Its nothing too fancy but is a huge step up from an iPhone camera! Unfortunately with work, I’ve got little option but to bake in the evenings when its dark, but we’ll just have to cope with that!

Easy Peasy Cinnamon Whirls

So lets start off with something easy. As I have called them, ‘Easy Peasy Cinnamon Whirls’. I actually feel a bit embarrassed about putting these as the first recipe due to exactly how easy they are! I fancied something sweet last week and wasn’t quite sure what we had in the cupboard. I knew that I had some ready made puff pastry in the fridge that I had intended to use at new years. I had completely messed up that recipe so it was lying unused. I’ve wanted to try danish pastry or something along those lines for a while but had previously felt a bit daunted by the butter square concept. I’m sure I’ll try it at some point but for the moment these are a bit of an ingenious cheat, if I say so myself. So! Here’s what you need:

500g All butter Puff Pastry (I used Jus Rol)

75g softened unsalted butter

75g Caster sugar

3 tsp cinnamon (I am prone to overuse of cinnamon, feel free to reduce the amount)

1 beaten egg mixed with 2 tbsp milk

Roll out the puff pastry into a large rectangle, about 30cmx40cm. Mix together the softened butter, caster sugar and cinnamon and spread over the pastry. Roll up the dough into a long sausage shape. Slice the dough into about 1 inch slices. Put the slices onto a baking sheet with baking paper. Flatten the slices by using a piece of baking paper and pushing down gently on the top of each slice.

Cover each slice with the egg mixture using a brush, the back of a spoon or your fingers! Bake in the oven at 200°C/180°C(fan assissted) for 18-20 mins until golden.

Makes around 18 and will last approximately 30 seconds, less if there are other people around!


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